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Sorting Data On The Client

Let’s say you are using Dot Net to interact with your SQL database. You want to sort the data being returned from your database. But, you want to keep the load in your middle tier, with the intention to reduce the load on your database server. What options are available to you at this point? There are many different ways […]

jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget Using ASP.Net Generic Handler

(Ankit Bansal) This article explains the use of jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget using ASP.NET Generic Handler.

Using Multiple Break Statements In A Single Case Block In JavaScript

(Ben Nadel) This morning, I was trying to learn how to use Redux when I found myself in a situation in which I wanted to break out of a reducer Case block early based on a dynamic condition (whether or not an item with the given ID could be found).

Perform Android Like Search in TSQL

(Niladri Biswas) Sometime back, in the DNF forum a question has been asked about implementing an search like Android one. This post is an attempt to provide an answer for the same using TSQL.

Trace Files — 11 : Tracing the Optimization of an SQL Statement

(Hemant K Chitale) So far, the previous examples have been on tracing the Execution of SQL statements and/or the Execution Plan used.

MySQL 5.7 Multi-Source Replication – Automatically Combining Data From Multiple Databases Into One

(Tony Darnell) MySQL’s multi-source replication allows you to replicate data from multiple databases into one database in parallel (at the same time). This post will explain and show you how to set up multi-source replication. (WARNING: This is a very long and detailed post. You might want to grab a

ORE video : Demo Code Part 2

(Brendan Tierney) The following is the second set of demo code from my video on using R in the Oracle Database. Check out the video before using the following code. The blog post for the video will be updated to contain links to all blog posts that have the various demo code.

Error when starting #GoldenGate Extract against MS SQL Server

(Bobby Curtis) If you work with Oracle GoldenGate long enough, you will eventually have to setup against a Microsoft SQL Server. Being that GoldenGate is a heterogeneous application, this isn’t a problem; however there are small differences. One such difference is how the exact/replicat will connect

Troubleshooting SQL Server 2014 Indexes (Part 1)

Troubleshooting SQL Server 2014 Indexes (Part 1) If you have problems with SQL Server 2014 indexes, review this troubleshooting checklist to find potential solutions. 1. Install the latest SQL Server 2014 service pack. Because many SQL Server 2014 indexes bugs were fixed in SQL Server service packs, you should install the latest SQL Server service pack. At the time this […]

Styling all Text Elements with the CSS :not Filter

(Rick Strahl) Here’s a short post that’s more of a CSS tip that I’ve found useful when styling an application. If you’re working with CSS in an application that has more than a handful of forms you’re likely dealing with a number of different input types.